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Cat Boarding

Purrfect cat accommodation with attentive staff to cater for all your cats needs


With music playing throughout the day we create a peaceful, calm environment. In the cattery we find that this means that most of the cats that come to stay with us spend a lot of time sleeping! To help them relax we provide a comfortable bed in the heated sleeping area and a chair and blanket on the outside run which catches the afternoon sun.

Closeup of cat eating food from a bowl.j


We know that some cats can be fussy when it comes to food so we keep a huge range of both wet and dry foods, as well as the very useful tuna! Our standard foods are Arden Grange dry food which is all grain free. There is a light version for those on a diet and one for sensitive stomachs. We also stock Royal Canin, IAMS, Purina One, Whiskas and Go-Cat biscuits and Whiskas, Felix, Sheba and Gourmet wet food.

We are happy for you to supply your cat’s own food from home if you prefer bought in a plastic container which we can disinfect.


With a  great staff to animal ration we can ensure that you cat will get plenty of people time. We all love hands on time for a stroke, a cuddle or a bit of grooming, whatever makes them feel content. For more active cats and kittens we have great scratching towers and lots of toys to keep them stimulated and content during their stay

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