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Dog  Boarding

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are experienced and qualified to care for all types of dogs


We believe that good nutrition and consistency are key elements in ensuring that your dog enjoys its stay with us and we try to match your own feeding routine and habits as closely as we can. Our standard food is from Arden Grange and we find that this brand suits most dogs. It comes in Chicken and Rice or Lamb and Rice formulations in a standard kibble or a ”mini” form, which we use for small dogs. Other varieties include Puppy and Senior formulations and a Light version for those who are on a diet! For those with allergies and sensitive stomachs there are Salmon and Rice and a grain-free White Fish and Potato. We stock a wide range of other popular foods including most branded tinned food and trays.

We are happy to feed a RAW diet or home-cooked food, which should be brought to us frozen into meal or daily portions.

We are happy for you to supply your dog’s own food from home if yoru dog is on a special diet or if you would just prefer to do so. This must be in bags or a container that can be disinfected.

We do have our own feeding and water bowls, slow feeders and feeding stands so bringing these is not necessary, just let us know what your dog is used to.

Close-up of Dachshund dog eating


With music playing throughout the day we create a peaceful, calm environment. With lots going on all day in the kennels, it is important that we give your dog time to relax. Following each exercise session, he will get a couple of hours relaxation in this individual kennel listening to music, enjoying a chew or just sleeping.

We provide a plastic basket or flat raised bed with vet bed.

We do think that a blanket or soft bed from home can help some pets settle so you are welcome to bring your pets own bed and bedding as long as it is washable. We do also encourage owners to bring their pet’s favourite toy that will stay with them whilst they are in our care.

Group walk_edited.jpg


For dogs, getting out of the kennel is paramount. Whether it’s a gentle walk on a lead, a quiet sniff around or a fast gallop around the field in the company of other dogs we will give your dog whatever suits him best.
Socailising with other dogs generally takes the stress out of kennel life. All dogs are fully assessed for mixing by our trained staff and we will exercise dogs in carefully selected groups appropriate to age, temperament, energy level and fitness. It’s not for every dog and regardless of this we will exercise your dog for 20 - 30 minutes twice a day, whatever the weather!

Wash & Ruff Dry

To finish off the perfect holiday why not treat your dog to a wash in our hydro bath. Using "top to toe" shampoo and conditioner your pampered pet will go home smelly fresh as a daisy. If you book a bath, in order to give us plenty of time to get your dog in tip top condition, collection will be between 5.00pm and 6.00pm on the day of departure.


"Short back and sides"

A spa bath and towel dry for
short coated dogs


"Long-haired lovelies"

A spa bath and comb through for longer haired dogs, dried off in their heated kennel


"The full works"

A spa bath, brush and drying using the hot-air blaster. Great for getting that undercoat out!

If you would prefer a full groom for your dog while it's staying with us, why not contact Clark & Green. 
Conveniently situated in Eastwood, we can arrange for your dog to be dropped off and collected.

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