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Small Animal Boarding

"A hutch is not enough" and at Naptha Boarding we will provide your bunny, chincilla or guinea pig with plenty of space in our custom built accommodation. We also have space for caged small animals such as ferrets, hamsters and rats. 


During their stay your rabbit or guinea pigs will stay in our spacious outside accommodation which contains an insulated hutch and has plenty of natural light and fresh air.

There are off floors areas for your pet to explore as well as hiding places and plenty of space to lay out.  Chew toys, cardboard tunnels and grass are all replaced and provided new to each guest.

We can provide carpet or sawdust underfoot depending on what they used to at home.

Rats and hamsters will be kept in their own cage in our heated rodent room.



Food & Exercise

All our guests get time out of their accommodation in our large outdoor run for a good leg stretch. This is a hard surface run which is disinfected between each guest. If your bunny or ferret is very outgoing and wants to explore they will be given this opportunity on a lead and harness.

For those that are used to grass, turf is provided for eating and lounging on which is disposed of at the end of each pets stay.

Age-appropriate high quality nuggets are fed as standard although we are happy for you to provide your own food. A supply of fresh greens and other treats are available for those that are allowed.

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